Co-creation process tailored for busy startups

We invite you to join our collaborative design process where we work on a specific set of measurable goals as one team. It consists of intense cycles of prototyping, testing, and delivery and ensures we solve the right thing instead of shiny deliverables and presentations.

Flowchart of Studio Ollala's product design processFlowchart of Studio Ollala's product design process

Our process brings real value to the table

Increased growth rate

A well-designed product reduces the friction from the acquisition process and keeps users around by being the right solution for their needs. Add increasing conversion and decreasing churn together and you’ll get growth.

Faster product development

With a crystal clear product focus and a well documented style guide at your hands you can shorten release cycles for exploration, testing or production.

Depending on what stage your company is, we adjust our process to your needs and realities.

Seed & early-stage

Validation cycles, MVP, prototypes, branding and marketing materials.

Product-market fit

From MVP through MLP until a future-proof design system.

Growing or scale-up

Improving your product and support your design/developer team around specific goals.

In any case, the process will roughly follow these points


Kick-off sprint

Through a set of fun, semi-formal activities we get to know each other and gain a common understanding of your current goals and challenges. We lay a solid ground for the coming collaboration, discuss our delivery method and set expectations.



We invest a significant amount of time to get to know you, your team, and the business in which you are involved. Together we will also form our hypotheses about the needs we want to satisfy - so we can war test them. Our clients find this period fun and inspirational thanks to the structure we bring.


Prototyping and testing

We don’t like to wait too long to get our hands dirty. Getting the design right is an iterative process. From week-to-week we’ll be weaving wireframes and pixel pushing prototypes so we can test and measure them with flesh and blood users - your users.


Product strategy and KPIs

As a result, we will have answers for our hypothetical questions about your user’s need. That means we found the right customer needs to solve so we can put on paper what is your product’s promise and what has to be done in to deliver it. We also set a framework for measuring success. It’ll be your true gameplan.


Design system and UI design

Now that we’ve half-built a ship, it’s time to smoothen the edges. You’ll end up not just with the pixel perfect designs flavoured with delightful graphics and illustrations but a well described guideline for the implementation. Your design team and the developers will thank you later.



No matter if your goal was finding product-market fit or growth, we will check back and support you as long as you need our team to support you. It can be a follow-up PMF survey or regular design sprints to tackle future problems. It’s up to how much we enjoyed working together - hopefully, a lot.

How long it will take depends on your challenges and realities, but you can expect the following:

Seed & early-stage

Usually from 3 weeks to 3 months, you don’t have too much time anyway.

Product-market fit

Minimum 3 months but rarely more than 6 months, ends with a validated PMF survey.

Growing or scale-up

From an occasional workshop to ongoing support for years.

Your best bet for growth is a nailed product. Are you ready to gain traction?

If yes, reach out to us so we can chat about your goals and how we can support you. As we said, we are designers so expect no pushy sales but lots of inspiration.

Let's chat about how we can help you

Not there yet?

We created a bunch of resources and videos where you can find inspiration and get several tips on how to get started with your SaaS product.