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Branding and UI design for a mixed-platform travel startup

Client: Airspace


Branding, UI design, front-end development


Mixed: web, mobile, self-service terminal



airspace logo on a wall

The challenge

With the arrival of technology-powered short-term rental services, like Airbnb, the travel industry was reshaped massively. One of the biggest struggles of these “Airbnb travelers” is the lack of comfort and services a hotel lobby used to provide: drinking a coffee before getting to the airport or getting rid of the luggage until check-in. Airspace was designed to change that forever with highly automated luggage storage and lounge facilities scattered around the most popular areas of busy cities.

We were invited to create a visual identity and a UI design system that seamlessly integrates with the luxury interior of their facilities and provides a mixed-platform experience for travelers.

We tackled challenges, like internationalization - even for عربى and 中国人 - payment, spatial navigation all that in an environment where users don’t have time to understand complex instructions. Therefore every part of the UI and the graphic materials had to be simple and intuitive regardless of one’s cultural background.

airspace logo in blue
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Our solution

After extensive research and experimentation, we created a visual language that aligns well with most of Airspace's target personas and which we documented into a comprehensive handbook.

With the smart use of colors, illustrations, and icons, the applications guide the user seamlessly through the reservation process.

We designed the user interface for a mixed-platform experience used by travelers from all over the world. During the design process, our focus was on functionality and ultimate intelligibility. The result is an effortless user experience across the web, mobile, and self-service terminal.

We used our skills and delivered the user-facing website as well using modern technologies such as Vue.js with Nuxt.js.

self service terminal check-in screen
luggage storage self-service terminal
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airspace brandbook
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brandbook pages
brandbook pages
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