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Branding, digital design and webshop development for a luxury car parts brand

Client: Taranis


Branding, e-commerce, UX/UI design, front-end development


Mobile, web



taranis logo on white background
taranis logo on dark background

Taranis focuses on selling high-end wheels, tires and complete sets to quality-sensitive customers.

To reflect on the values of the brand, we decided to work from the inherent visual qualities of the products: the patterns of the tires, wheels, and other visual elements one encounters during driving, such as road signage. These were combined with modernist typographic solutions, high contrast in colours and a minimalist in the general design.

During the creation of the logo, a typographic system was developed inspired by tire traces. We used this pattern-like typographic system as a logo sign, which underlines the logotype and makes a subtle reference to the origin of the company while showing the company name too, but in a hardly legible manner.

While the logo uses only six letters of the Ogham alphabet, a complete alphabet has been developed, which makes it possible to develop alternative typographic patterns for various media in the future.

taranis brand elements
stationery mockup taranis branding
logo display packaging material
taranis brandbook
letterhead with taranis branding

The elegance and simplicity of the webshop differentiates Taranis from their competitors.

We wanted to make buying wheels as easy as ordering a T-shirt by creating a frictionless user experience. The cleanness and simplicity of the webshop helps the legibility and the fluency of the communication that makes the online shopping experience easy, seamless, and enjoyable. In the meantime, we also wanted to create an elegant visual experience, referring to the premium quality of the product. When opening the website, one should get the feeling of entering a luxury store.

During the research phase, we discovered that it is not at all about the wheels, but also about how they upgrade the user’s car. Therefore, we implemented a visual configurator where one can immediately see the set of their choice on an interactive model.

taranis webshop design
icon set

The mobile optimized webshop guarantees a seamless online experience on smaller screens.

During the design process our biggest challenge was to show all the products of the webshop with sufficient information but without overwhelming the user. To address this we implemented a scroll grid where the users can assemble their wheel & tyre set besides of a lifelike model of their vehicle.

As a result, users can have the same experience on mobile as on desktop. To provide a more convenient experience we added a swipe interaction to the product grid that is more natural and fun for the users.

taranis home page in a smartphone mockup
webshop mobile screens