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Digital product design for an audiophile music service

Client: Volumio


Products design, front-end development


Web, mobile, IoT



volumio music library browser

The challenge

Volumio is a music player that has open-source roots and is serving mainly the price-sensitive end of the audiophile market.

The team wanted to increase the number of paid subscribers on their premium service called MyVolumio.

Our solution

After researching and uncovering how value is created and perceived by the users of Volumio, we redesigned the subscription flow along with key components of the main application.

We created the new plan overview pages, re-implemented the music library browsing experience, and enriched the albums and artist pages with metadata. We also found that placing subtle nudges that promote the premium plans throughout the application will increase the conversion rate.

As a result, new MyVolumio sign-ups were up by 20% almost immediately after the release. Besides giving a boost in revenues, these improvements provided long-term sustainability for the product.

volumio pricing table
volumio music library browser
Volumio multiroom user interface
Volumio multiroom user interface
volumio music library browser