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Digital product design for Nimitz, the robot investment companion

Client: Nimitz


Product design, UX&UI design, front-end development


Responsive web



Dashboard UI design

The challenge

Nimitz is a fintech startup that challenges the status quo of unit-linked investment products. Using a secret algorithm, they monitor all the financial markets around the world and create investment strategies for their users that earn them a whopping +20% extra above the average yield.

We were invited to simplify and demystify a complex financial product so that it passes the grandma test. We had to make sure to democratize an inherently complex financial product with the help of an intuitive web application.

Robot mascot with charts around him
Phone with growing bar chart in the front
Sleeping robot mascot

Our solution

We’ve created Nimitz, a robot investment companion. Our goal was to mimic the advisor-client relationship by putting a friendly face - Nimitz - in front of the users. We’ve also replaced the complicated and jargon-loaded screens and tables from their MVP with a simple and assistive user-flow.

Before deciding on the final UX, we’ve conducted user interviews both with investors and financial advisors to test our ideas.