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Visual identity and digital product design for an international recruitment agency

Client: Viapan


Branding, UX/UI design, front-end development, back-end development


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viapan logo
viapan citylight ad in a metro station

Viapan Group is a leading human resource service company in East Central Europe with a mission to give the joy of work for people.

We aimed to create a fresh brand identity that supports communication with Viapan’s diverse clientele and reflects their values.

By redesigning the logo, our goal was to create a simpler, more recognisable mark that can be used for the international market and communicating their brand values. Keeping the square shape and the green-black colour combination, the new logo refers to the past, but still emphasizes the transformation the company has gone through in the last 30 years.

The logomark represents the aspiration of Viapan: the growth and development of people. The softness of the logotype originates from a friendly but comprehensible typography. The rounded ends of the sans-serif font expresses the human centric approach of the company, besides serving the spirit of legibility.

viapan logo before/after
viapan brandbook
viapan brandbook
viapan brandbook

The fresh colour palette and the distinctive composition of geometric shapes gives an easily recognisable character for the brand.

The composition of colorful circles and semicircles extends the idea of the logo into a graphic system. The playful and energetic colour palette reflects the diversity of the company and aims to erase the stress associated with job seeking.

By using the different parts of the composition, we produced diverse layouts which are all unique pieces of art, but still part of an easily recognisable system. In this way a consistent visual language was developed that is easily adaptable for different mediums.

viapan citylight ad on a street
posters with faces
homepage of viapan's website
icon set
stationery design
colorful business cards
tote bag with Viapan branding
broschure design
yearly report design
yearly report design